They are not vindictive. They will not leave you for someone else. They know how to show their affection. They even know your feelings better than you. Who are "they"? Well "they" spend a lot of names, but most of the world simply calls the "pets". Pets are wonderful people whose skills go beyond the religious and magical. Perhaps that power is what the world needs more of.

Recently, while being interviewed by a local journalist asked me: "Why do you think that pets have become so popular in recent years?" I thought for a moment and then replied. "We a nation at war, a nation still recovering from the aftermath of September 11th, a nation rebuilding in the wake of a devastating cyclone in the South, while living in a spoon fed media world with the terrorist attacks at every pause new. I then went on to explain the key element that separates us from our pets. If I had to go to a friend of man for emotional support, I could not expect much. You see, they could be affected by the negative stress that even mundane depresses me. However, my pet is unaffected. This reporter agrees with my statement and we spent several minutes talking about the idea of "unconditional love".

The unconditional love is a phrase I heard people from all walks of life relate entirely to animals. I find it amazing that so many people from different backgrounds, cultures and languages can come to that Convention. When we are at our lowest of lows our pets will always be there. Animals fill the void in our lives.

Another aspect is incredible animals in the case of loved ones far from home. Although close in May or on the seas fighting to preserve freedom, the animals are fighting battles here on the emotional front in our homes. Our pets are armed with weapons of mass affection. A wet nose, tail wagging, purring friendly, soft and cuddly fur and remains a strong hold of the company's arsenal. In a few moments, runs an animal can bring us from a face full of tears for a face full of cheers.
They always aim to please do not expect anything in return. I've never heard of a dog does not like his master because his master forgot to say "I love you", or a cat ignoring his keeper because he returned late from work. Wait, I mean cats that actual results of the previous statement may vary. My point is that we could learn a lot about humility and humanity of our pets. Humans use the skills acquired by observing our pets could ever really achieve world peace. Meanwhile, we take it one heart at a time.
The next time you find yourself alone, hurt, sad or afraid, just find your friend on all fours, open your heart and let the power to heal you.

Bill Clanton is program director and co-founder of All Pets Radio (, a radio station online for lovers of animals and pets alike. Having worked in radio broadcasts for 15 years and still living in pets of all kinds, the bill believe that all of these two loves would be a perfect match.

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