Grooming your dog is an effective part of care for your pet. It makes your dog not only looks better but feel better as well.

The best grooming commencements by brushing the coat every day. This helps spread the natural oils evenly all over the coat and removes any dirt caught in between the hairs. This keeps the skin clean and in good shape. It also prevents the hairs from getting tangled and stops them from forming clumps.

If your dog does not prefer getting brushed, you can lingeringly guide him to like the routine. Give him a treat and praise him at the end of each grooming session that begins to love getting brushed. 
Your dog's nails require care just about once a month. Get yourself a good pair of scissors, shears or by how hard nails. As a precaution, keep a bottle of blood clotting powder handy. During the cutting of nails, start by placing one leg of your dog in your hand and pull toward you. Cut a nail at a time. Stop cutting just as the nail begins to curve downward. Where you cut the nerves or blood vessels by mistake, use some of the blood-clotting powder on a moist piece of cotton and press it gently but firmly against the injured nail. 
Dogs are susceptible to ear infections and it is vital to clean the ears regularly. Check your dog's ears twice per month. The skin inside the ears and on the flaps should be considered a pale pink. Use a damp cotton swab moistened with a little hot water or oil to clean inside ears. Beware that you do not clean too deeply into the ear canal.

To prevent your dog from developing cavities in the teeth, clean teeth with a toothpaste for pets at least twice a week. Use a toothbrush that has soft hairs. You may need to clean the teeth by a veterinarian at the time.

Regular grooming is necessary for your dog's physical and psychological well being.

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