Just such humans, dogs are also omnivores. They desire a balanced and healthy combination of meat and vegetables in their daily diet. This means that a dog's diet obligatory include vitamins, proteins, fats, minerals and carbohydrates in the right amount to become healthy. Apart from diet, water is obligatory not only to keep us alive but also to help our body act correctly
Just as nutriment requirements of human beings differ according to their age, shape, size and lifestyle; similarly, dogs too, desire food according to their lifestyle, size and age. So, the dietary requirements of a sheep dog will be entirely dissimilar than that of a poodle living in a home. In the same way, the dietary needs of a male dog will be different from the dietary requirements of a pregnant bitch.
Another considerable thing to be considered is that you should never overfeed your puppy. Your puppy's diet depends not right on factors like age, energy level and bone constitution but also on the quality of the nutriment given to him.
Most food for pets available in stores have the right mix of nutrients needed by your dog.
However, it is advisable to check the various ingredients of the feed company before buying to ensure that feeding your dog is well balanced.
Do not go for brands with low prices for food pet for your dog.
Go to buy food rich in protein quality because it is easily digestible by your dog.
Make a point to feed him twice a day.This will encourage good eating habits in your dog and make him stay fit and healthy.
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