How to name your puppy? Here's a list of the most celebrated puppy and dog names, according to the US Department of Health
Female Dog Names  

1- Sadie
2- Molly
3- Lady
4- Ginger

5- Maggie
6- Katie
7- Daisy
8- Lucy
9- Abby
10- Dakota
11- Sandy
12- Chelsea
13- Sasha
14- Coco
15- Bo
16- Tasha
17- Princess
18- Sophie
19- Missy
20- Annie 

 Male Dog Names 
1- Buddy
2- Jake
3- Bailey
4 –Max

5- Sam
6- Rocky
7- Cody
8- Harley
9- Buster
10- Casey
11- Duke
12- Barney
13- Jack
14- Toby
15- Rusty
16- Charlie
17- Murphy
18- Winston
19- Sparky
20- Shelby

  Here are some more popular names for specific dog breeds:

Typical Chihuahua Names

Female chihuahua names: Bianca, Belle, Blondie, Chi Chi, Dolly, Deedee, Honey, June, Mina, Peaches, Precious,  Pinky, Tina, Tikki, Tinkerbell .
Male chihuahua names:    Abe,      Abby, Bambam, Buffy, Boogie, Diggers, Gypsy,  Gizmo, Jazz, Rocky, Rusty,  Romeo, Superman, Rebel,  Walker, Willy.

Typical Poodle Names

Female poodle names: Annabelle, Babette, Beebee, Barbie, Curly,  Chloe, Cleo, Claire, Daisy, Goldie,  Ellie, Helena, Jackie,  Isabelle, Josephine, Lucy, Kelly, Missy, Margot, Nicole, Queen, Stella, Sophie, Zoe
Male poodle names: Amigo, Ace, Bruno, Bacardi, Caeser, Coco, Cedric, Domino, Eric, Fido, Kyzer, Loui, Miles, Maurice, Norm, Pooch, Remi, Rosco, reno, Spot, Tanner, Vick, Waco, Whisky, Woody, Zip

Typical Siberian Husky Names

Storm, Dancer, Max, Eskimo, Tundra, Willow, Sasha, Blazer, Blue, Dixie, Dakota, Frontier, Hunter, Glacier, Hurricane, Nova,  Jetson, Lonestar, Quake, Quik, Sierra, Roxy, Winter, Weather, Zodiac
Typical Boxer Names

Ajax, Ace, Armstrong, Bandito, Bambam, Bear, Benji, Cakes,Caesar, King, Max, Niles, Oscar, Prince, Turbo, Tank, Willy, Yogi

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