Trimming of parrot wings is an activity that most owners don't enjoy to do themselves. Parrot owners tend to trim the wings of their parrots because they are afraid that if they do not the parrot may fly away. There is a contradiction between hindering the flight of a parrot and totally stopping it from flying. The wings only need to be 'trimmed' not cut off. Most parrot owners like to ask a professional to trim the wings of a parrot as it is an affair that needs to done exactly and with attention so that there is no damage to the wing itself.
A newborn Parrot.
For the protection of a junior pet parrot, it should have its first three feathers trimmed a little, but it is considerable that it can still fly a little because it does need to learn to land on its fee. When a parrot is very compact they only will have the first three feathers trimmed and then only half the length of what a mature parrot would have trimmed. The idea of cutting the wings of a very youthful parrot is so that it will not fly into windows and other objects and hurt itself.
Wings on a more grown-up Parrot.
A mature parrot would need to have the alpha five flight feathers trimmed if it is to be hindered in its flying. He is now a stronger bird so he needs more feathers trimmed to stop him flying away.
The utmost attention should be taken to ensure that the feathers are not trimmed too short and most definitely not shorter than the parrot's covert (the layer of feathers which protect their bases). Clipping of the feathers should mean that the feathers will grow out again, but if clipped too short it could mean that they will not regrown. Frequently a parrot will have its wings trimmed twice a year and this seems to be sufficient in most cases as respects the parrot attention.

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Nick said... @ 6/08/2010

I can never do that myself, i always feel I need a helping hand or I might hurt my parrot

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