An opinion that has happened to many people is to keep your Koi fish vital and disease free, before it becomes essential to used disease treatments.
The negatives have been enveloped very well, but why not consider the positives? Before we let the negatives rule, the positives deserve a fair hearing. Let's examine five positive reasons in favor of trying to keep your Koi healthy to start with and pay care to which ones ring real.
1-  Forget Koi treatment for a moment.. Certainly sometimes treating you Koi for disease is obligatory.. Certainly that is a valid objection. Remember, we can still use treatments on the Koi when prevention fails.
2- Koi that are under a lot of stress are open to a difference of diseases. You may think this is weird but nonetheless it is a fact...Koi are facilely stressed by many factors including poor water conditions, poor feeding schedules and predators just to name a few.
The main reason behind that would be that stress slowly but surely diminishes their immunity and of course a lower immune system will make them vulnerable to any kind of disease.... And also healthy Koi are more disease resistant and less likely to succumb to disease.
3- Provide your Koi with atmospheric quality water. the Koi have to breath in this water so it should be hygienic and clear. And in addition good water quality will drastically reduce the level of stress of Your Koi.
4- Try not to overfeed you Koi. This creates a dirty pond which will influence their health. You must do regular pond clean up and keep the filtration system in good order. Feed only what the Koi can eat in about fifteen minutes.
5 - Full pond treatment will be recommended. Occasionally individual hands on treatment will be advised for the individual fish. You can advise your local Koi supply store or pet store for the best treatments. In case of a severe or wide spread problem you may want to call your Vet.
Within all of the above info lies a very good list of reasons in favor of keeping your Koi healthy to start with. Reduce stress, keep your pond clean. Uncover the way to keep your Koi energetic and avoid treatment at our Koi Treatment site at

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