Our feline companies are carnivores and as such their digestive systems are adjusted for high protein diets and not suited to treats fit for human consumption.
Digestion is a mechanism designed to break down food that supplies your cat with the essential nutrients and subsequent energy to live a healthy, energy-filled life. As a cat's digestive system is developed for a high protein diet it has powerful gastric juices that assist in breaking down bones and meat. Their digestive systems do not have the necessary enzymes for a diet rich in plant matter or carbohydrates.
As a responsible cat owner, it is important to understand what makes for good cat nutrition and what cat treats should be avoided. The following 'foods' and 'treats' are not recommended for cats:
1.     Canned Human Tuna - Canned tuna is not harmful provided it is an occasional treat and does not constitute your cat's main diet. Tuna is high in mercury and may result in mercury poisoning. Canned tuna also has a high sodium (salt) content and it not nutritionally balanced.    
2.       Dog Food - Dog food does not contain sufficient proteins and taurine, which is an essential amino acid that cats produce in insufficient amounts. Dog food is not nutritionally balanced for cats. Similarly, dogs should not be fed cat food.
3.      Grapes and raisins - Whilst the experts have not established what component contained in grapes and raisins causes renal (kidney) damage, cat's that have ingested them have reportedly suffered renal failure.  
4.        Tomatoes - Unripe or green tomatoes contain solanine, a toxin harmful to cats. Ingestion of tomatoes can cause diarrhea and vomiting.
5.    Garlic and Onion - Whilst a single feeding of food containing onions and garlic is not likely to make your cat ill, longterm, the sulfoxides and disulfides contained in these bulbs damages red blood cells which contain hemoglobin that is the oxygen carrying component of red blood cells. Reduced oxygen supply to the cat's organs can cause severe health problems and in severe cases - death    
6.        Chocolate - This sweet treat is a no-no for cats and dogs. Chocolate contains theobromine, a compound that cats cannot metabolize. Apart from nausea and vomiting, chocolate stimulates the central nervous system, increases the heart rate and may cause seizures and death. The more pure the chocolate the more dangerous it is.
7.    Caffeine - tea and coffee contains caffeine and caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant and not recommended for cats.     
8.        Dairy Products - Whilst there is much debate on the subject of cow's milk for cats, the fact is that cats do not have the right enzymes to breakdown dairy products made from cow's milk (ice cream, cheese). They may suffer from gastrointestinal problems as a result of a lactose intolerance. The question of growth hormone in cow's milk is also a matter of separate debate.
9.        Alcohol - save the Budweiser and Johnnie Walker for human consumption.
Finally, it's advisable to feed your cat a veterinary approved commercial cat food. If you are trained in the field of animal nutrition, organic cat foods or even homemade foods are perfect alternatives, provided they are nutritionally balanced. Give your cat occasional treats - but cat treats designed for cats.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Lyn_Nunn

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Anonymous said... @ 11/16/2010

A "vet approved diet"? Did you know that vets are not even required to take a nutrition class? Cats are obligate carnivores and need meat and bones. Look at the ingredient list of your vet's approved cat food. UGH! Not even good for your cat!

I feed a meaty diet, including canned salmon, raw and cooked chicken, crushed egg shell and sometimes a bit of plain yogurt for calcium. Plus I add a quality supplement, Dinovite, for the probiotics, enzymes, vitamins,omgega fatty acids, etc.

My cats are healthy, energetic, don't shed! They are not fat and because they don't shed, they don't gag up hair balls either!

Do research on cat nutrition. The internet is a great place to start!

Corine L. said... @ 11/17/2010

It's important to be an informed and educated pet owner. Know what is good for your cat and what can really be harmful. Read the labels of things you feed your cat.

I use dinovite feline too. It keeps my kitty healthy and she doesn't shed either! Best of all, I know I am feeding her what she needs to be healthy.

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