In getting the best veterinarian for your cat, check nearby animal hospitals and check for feline specialists. Ask about the length of their practice, their specializations and the availability of the doctor if ever you need to ask something about your pet's health or condition. It is better if you can talk with the chosen vet before formally deciding whether you want him or her to be your pet's vet. You would want to gauge if the vet is approachable and friendly.
You may want to try bringing your pet to see if your pet is comfortable with the environment and the cat vet. Along with the vet that you want for your cat, also consider the staff in the hospital. Are they friendly to animals and do they give attention to every patient they have? Look around the place. Inspect for cleanliness while waiting for the vet. Also choose an animal hospital near your place in case of emergencies. Ask recommendations from friends and search the internet for opinions about different pet hospitals and cat vets in your area.
After getting your pet a veterinarian, bring your pet over to get acquainted with the doctor. Also ask about general check-ups and vaccines. Get all the vaccines your pet needs and schedule other check-ups in the future. With a cat vet, you are now confident that there will be someone to take care of your pet in case something goes wrong. The next thing that you should know is when to bring your cat to the vet.
When to bring your cat immediately to the vet? When your pet experiences trouble breathing, seizures, and bleeding in any area, you have to bring it immediately to your vet. Call your vet in time when your cat suddenly changes its routine like more frequent use of the litter box, appetite loss and lethargy.
Since cats are fastidious animals, they most often spend time grooming themselves. At the same time, a cat grooming one particular area over and over again may also mean that it's suffering an illness or allergy. Sneezing, coughing, vomiting and inability to walk or loss of balance also need medical attention since they are symptoms of some common and fatal feline diseases.
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