Listed below are five effective tips for bathing your dog:
1. Prepare all your tools ahead of time.
Why would this be important? Once you've started bathing your puppy, you don't want to leave him by himself. If you forget the soap or even a wash cloth, you would likely have an escapee to deal with. Making sure you're prepared beforehand will ensure that your canine will be safe, in addition to not having a furry, wet pet tracking water all around your home.
2. Use soaps or conditioning products which have been made specifically for dogs.
This is important because Your dog's skin has a different pH level than our skin. Dog products are formulated to keep up the correct pH balance, giving him a shiny, healthy coat. And because most people shampoos are going to be too harsh on the dog's skin which often can lead to itching and scratching.
3. Make sure to rinse your dog off thoroughly after washing.
The main reason behind this is that residual shampoo can cause irritation for a dog's skin. This can lead to an itchy, uncomfortable dog. It is additionally a great idea because if your dog is scratching himself repeatedly, it might lead to further problems, including skin disease.
4. Pat dry your dog before letting him from the bath tub.
This just makes life easier for you! Getting the excess water off your pet before releasing him from the tub will lessen some of the "water spray" you're likely to see when bath time is finished.
5. Don't shampoo or bathe your pup unless he really needs it.
This is important because frequent baths will strip your dog's coat of its naturally occurring protective oils. Robbing his skin of such essential oils can bring about scratching from dried-out skin, and again, this can lead to bigger problems like dermatitis.
If you find you need to bathe your dog more often, try buying wet dog wipes or dry dog shampoo, available at most pet retailers. They can be used more often without causing a problem with your dog's natural oils.
Whenever you follow these five tips carefully you are likely to have an easier time with bathing your dog.

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