Research has shown that pets provide many benefits in terms of health. They do not speak with us, but they prevent depression. Fur "Friends" helps overcome everyday stress and improve your mood say some experts.
Some people use yoga as a method of stress reducing, others use meditation or psychotherapy. For those less "trendy", but animal lovers, scientists have good news: our four-legged friends raise the morale and improve the health.
It is almost impossible to stay angry when you have around a lovely dog or cat. A recent study on HIV-positive men showed that they were more protected against depression if they had around them a pet. According to the study, men who had a pet were three times more protection of depression than healthy men.
Moreover, experts say that four-legged friends have a tremendous effect on blood pressure control. And sometimes they do this even better than specific drugs. Drugs for hypertension in general, reduce tension, but not very effective in controlling sudden increases in tension caused by stress.
That's not to say that those who have dogs do more exercise and this is another advantage of having a pet because it encourages you to make more movement. Whether you go out walking outside with the dog or playing in the house anyway you make exercises. Nowadays, when time to sport and movement is increasingly reduced, any form of exercise is beneficial for the body.
Also, pets offer social support. In other words, when we walk with the dog we go in places where there are many other owners of pets with the same passion, so we grow our network of friends and acquaintances. Pets protect us from loneliness and give us unconditional love. They are a perfect companion that knows to listen to the owner's problems, and that are often silent and know how to keep a secret. Moreover, they are an "antidote" of loneliness.
Pets are also a support for older people. Elders staying alone in the house feel less alone after visiting an animal than after visiting a man.
Another way that our pets help us to get rid of stress is by talking with them and they are just listening being perfect listeners. But don't hurry to purchase an animal if you can not stay with him and can not take care of him. In this way you will not benefit from the advantages offered by owning a pet and even more you will only make the pet suffer.

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