There are several steps you can take to ensure your precious cargo arrives at his destination safely:
· Provide a USDA approved kennel. Your pet should have enough space to stand up and turn around in the kennel. If your they will be in transport for more than 12 hours, be sure to provide food and water dishes and their normal brand of food. Place a blanket or an old worn shirt in the kennel. Your scent will give your animals a sense of security during transport.
· Write your name, your pet's name and destination, and the words "Live Animal" on the outside of the kennel. Attach a photograph of him or her to the outside of the kennel. Carry a photograph of your with you, especially if you will meet your pet at your destination. This will help in identifying your pet.
· Get a recent veterinary exam and verify that your pet is current on all shots. You will need a recent bill of health from your veterinarian before we can ship your pet. Keep in mind that there may be local quarantine laws if you are shipping across state lines or internationally.
· Do not sedate your pet prior to shipping unless recommended by your veterinarian.
· Give your pet plenty of water, but do not feed solid food for 12 hours prior to shipping your pet. The stress of transport could upset your pet's stomach.
Following these guidelines will help ensure that shipping your pet is as easy and hassle-free as possible.
If you have specific questions or concerns about shipping your pet, contact our management team by phone or email and will assist you with the information you need to ship your pet with confidence.

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