Selecting a good trimmer is easier than ever if you know what to look for. Select one that fits your pet. Some models come with multiple attachments. You have the option of selecting a battery operated model if you do not have access to an outlet where you trim your pet. With the convenience of cordless operation you are not limited to where you do the trimming. Choose a slim, lightweight model to keep you from getting tired on larger animals.
If you need to trim delicate areas, such as around the eyes or ears, choose a trimmer that is small, compact and made for trimming that area.
A professional trimmer gives you options. Select one that is maintenance free where it will not need oiling or greasing of internal parts. These clippers are quiet to help ease your pet's anxieties. Features can include detachable blades for easy changing and cleaning, cool running motors, break-resistant housing, contoured to fit your hand and reduce fatigue, multiple blade attachments and multiple speeds.
Trimmers are now available with a duel LED light positioned to cast ultra bright white light that allows expert grooming, even in dark, shadowed areas.
Don't forget their nails! All pets get jagged nails from time to time. Keep them well manicured and avoid scratches on floors and furniture. Your pet will look great too! You can choose from a two-speed nail grinder to the more traditional nail clippers.
Stiff, nylon bristles smooth coat for shiny appearance and helps distribute healthy coat oils. A flea comb removes fleas/eggs and grooms around face and eyes.
When purchasing a shampoo for your pet, consider if your pet has any skin problems. Shampooing your pet regularly promotes a healthy and shiny coat.
Keeping your pets teeth clean has never been easier! Your pet can now have his/her own toothbrush! They are also available in a mini finger toothbrush where you can slide the tip onto your finger and gently brush your pets teeth.
Having a healthy pet is what everyone wants. Give your pet the best care you can and the rewards you receive will be worth it.
Please remember to spay or neuter your pets. Consider adoption from your local shelter.

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