The first product I would recommend to help reduce the smell of your dog is the Perfect Coat Shampoos for dogs and puppies. They have many different kinds of shampoos that cater to your specific needs, but all of them leave your dog with a soft, healthy, shiny, and pretty smelling coat. I would recommend Tushee Wipes by QuickBath. These are biodegradable bath wipes that helps to remove dirt and debris in between baths. This keeps your dog from getting too dirty and smelly. It is made with Aloe Vera and Vitamins A & E helping to soothe your pet's skin. They will also not harm your pet if ingested. There are two types of brushes I would recommend using if your dog sheds a lot. The first type of brush is made of wired pins and helps to remove tangles and debris from their coats. The second type of brush I would recommend is the stainless steel pin combs. This comb helps to remove extra hair and debris that is embedded further in their coat that the brushes usually miss.
The first product is a cat litter called Mimi Litter and it is available at Walmart. It is made up of Porous Silica Sand and it looks like crystals. We use to use clay litter at our house until we rescued Isis. It was then that a friend of ours recommended Mimi Litter to us because we were having a problem with the clay litter covering up the smell of her poops. There are other cat litter brands that make similar products; this is just the cheapest one we have found that works. The next product I would recommend, also available at Walmart, is PRO PET Between Bath Wipes, fresh scent. As it says in the name, these are wipes that help remove dirt, debris, and pet odors in between baths. Since our cats are only indoor cats, we only use these every other week. They have Aloe Vera and Lanolin that help to promote a healthy, shiny coat. These wipes also do not seem to bother our cat Pouncer, who has sensitive skin.
I would also recommend brushing your cats daily with a brush that has wire pins and combing them with a comb that has stainless steel teeth. Brushing and combing your cat helps keep the skin clean, helps to prevent your cat's hair from matting, and also helps to reduce the cat hair in your home. I have found that these types of brushes and combs work best to get through all of the hair with the least amount of effort and help to remove the most amount of hair to reduce shedding.

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