discus fish
discus fish

When keeping discus fish you will find that they are shy and very calm in general, but when they start making couples they can often become a little bit aggressive due to breeding territory protection. Keeping discus fish will bring lots of rewards but it will also give you a few challenges as well. First off, as you will see with most groups of any type of fish, within a group it is not uncommon that the weakest discus will get bullied; this is something that can unfortunately result in death. Keeping discus fish in groups in a minimum of six individuals is thought of as ideal. By doing this you will increase the confidence of the group members and you lower the risk of group misbehavior.

When you are keeping discus fish, you will have to respect their habits. For example mating are matters of their own personal choice do not try to force two together. Therefore if you do plan to breed your discus as said you cannot match make and expect them to breed, you will have to let them choose their own partner. When you are keeping discus fish that are about to go through the breeding process it is always best to separate them into a different tank specially prepared for the purpose. If you are keeping discus fish that are about to breed together with the rest of your aquatic pets, you will run the risk of having some violent behavior due to the territorial claims of the breeding pair. Discus fish prepare their area that they are going to use to have their babies by cleaning it first and defending it throughout the whole process.
You will find that discus feed their young by secreting food for them from in between their scales. After about a week the fry will be big enough for you to help with the feeding by giving some baby brine shrimp or even just some flaked food will do. When you are certain that the fry have stopped feeding from the parents it will be safe for you to remove them from the tank into their own. Use a separate tank for the fry feed them well to support the accelerated growth rate.

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