Nervous cats hide from people, they do not present themselves readily to pet animals, and may seem downright scared of you.
Probably, this was not exactly what you had in mind when you decided to get a pet. Thus, it is possible for nervous cats to overcome their shyness and learn to trust you? The answer is yes, but you need patience, patience, patience.
It is usual for a kitten to be cautious and timid for the first week or two in her new home, but some kittens are nervous of you no matter how loving and attentive you are to them. Kittens that spent the first weeks of their lives in the company of humans and other animals as well as sounds and smells associated, are much less likely to be nervous cats. They will accept sharing their living space with humans more easily and be more likely to accept petting. Your cat may have had a bad experience before coming to your home, and is naturally worried about a repeat.
One way to achieve progressively a nervous cat used to petting is to gently wrap your pet in a thick towel to prevent it from scratching you, and gently stroking her head. Talk to your cat softly as you do, and use only a small handful ever to keep your cat extremely tight. Set aside time each day to perform this bonding ritual and your shy cat may spend the trust you enough to stroke without the towel, remember patience pays.
Great results have been obtained by cat owners nervous using a pet carrier. Cover the sides of the box with the card or a blanket so that your cat can see through the front but still feels protected. Place the litter box in the cage and perhaps your cats favorite toy. Start by using the box in a room that humans use it, but where your cat can hear the sounds of home. Then, move to a place where humans of the house can be seen exercising their normal activity, talk to your pet gently. Gradually your cat may learn that there is no threat to it from you, and you may achieve enjoying the company of your cat outside the cage without any sign of nervousness.
Bribery can often work wonders with nervous cats. Try a tempting offer healthy treat, if your cat is hungry enough to overcome his fear and stay still to eat the treat, pet him gently, do not make sudden movements! You may have to persevere, but often your pet will eventually accept and enjoy your petting.
Never lose patience, and remember that your nervous cat is not rejecting you, it's just a protective reaction to built something that has given kitty reasons to be wary of humans. Love and perseverance will often win, and you'll be rewarded by the affection of your cat.

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