It has hundreds of toys, eats only food purposes and bottled water, and sleep in beds designers. It may have a strange yet fashionable collection of clothes to wear for all occasions. He moves always in fashion and is waited on hand and foot. Regardless of their schedule May be, his family will always take time to play with him and have fun.

It sounds like the child of a wealthy mogul or celebrity icon?

In a way it is. Is the lifestyles of pets of many celebrities.

The owners are willing to do anything for a pet beloved. Pets are pampered more than ever. Many celebrities make hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars within a year. Much of this money may be spent to maintain their fur fuzzy or feathery companions and ensure that they are the most pampered pets around.

Because of this interest to take care of spiked pet products market to care for pets and supplies has exploded. Now you can find designer clothes, beds, treats, and houses that are well above the traditional cost for these items.

Celebrity pets have become a sort of accessory for the rich and famous. It was then that ethics must be evaluated. The animal is considered more as a companion or a commodity? Some celebrities, not to mention the names seem to treat their pets as a fashion statement. The needs of the animal should be put forward. Some animals, like monkeys and chimpanzees, simply do not have the ideal pet. Other animals may seem cute when they are young, but they can become very dangerous when they are older. However, we still see people buying these animals. Perhaps because many celebrities feel the need to stand out or be different or perhaps start a new trend. A trend that I saw it with celebrities and small dogs.

I'm not bashing celebrities and their pets. I am simply saying that animals are living beings with feelings and needs. An animal like a chimpanzee, for example, would not live without constant companionship and interaction with his fellow chimpanzees. Also, it is not only celebrities who should be concerned with the welfare of their pets. Many people who are considered rich have a pet, but not what one would consider as having a "celebrity" status. Many people will choose to shower their pets with money, gifts, etc.. It is the responsibility of everyone who chooses to put an animal in their life, whether poor or rich, to take care of this animal. They are like children and depend on yourself to their care.

In reality, your pet does not care how many toys he has or if he sleeps in a bed designer. He or she really cares about is being loved and having your company.

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