Each area needs active energy and love. Animals of both of us. And pets, we can express our love, too. Pets are often considered members of the family, and as such should be considered when examining the feng shui of your home.
Whatever type of pet, there are some simple guidelines feng shui to have animals that are common sense suggestions on the care and feeding, to things you might not consider, for example how pets impact your relationships, finances, or health.


This is the most important thing to remember. Their energy and alertness, we have a home, even when we're not there, making our homes more "yang". Dogs, for example, also provide protection of energy for our homes to help us feel more secure and safe
When the dogs bark and shake the tail, fortunately, they give us lots of exuberant joy. And hug and care for animals and gives us the great feng shui energy - and displays of love are always wonderful feng shui. This is the best. But when pets are not good feng shui? There are some cases where the feng shui of your home is disturbed by pets


The worst scenario is when the animals are not cared for properly. If the aquarium is clean and clear, fish are not as well - and neither you. The fish represents the success in feng shui and wealth, and if the water is dirty, then get out in May

In addition, in feng shui, dirty water can also cause health problems. One of the worst situations I have ever seen was a dirty aquarium if you could not even see the fish at all. The couple who lived in this house were dead broke and divorced after a short period of time. I could feel the pain but nothing for the poor, poor creatures.

What other visitors must have thought - and what this poor shell to the psyche of everyone in the house? But what is the message to the child who saw their parents who care so little for these fish are not able to provide drinking water
So while it's nice to have a pet, the first priority must always be of the animal to health, safety, and care. If you do not have the space or time to care for the animal, it is preferable not to have, because, simply, animals in poor condition (s) is very bad feng shui.


If the animals live in the house, it is important to ensure that the hierarchy is respected. I can not tell you how many pets horror stories, I see that many romantic difficulties to health problems because the animals have a dominant position over the people. Remember, you are the master of your domain, and it should stay that way. Also, good feng shui is about balance.

Although there are cases where animals are not treated correctly, ie, in good condition, treatment, too little interaction or stimulation, or care, it is very often cases the animals are in a superior position to the people in the house. This means that the house is out of balance, and if so, the feng shui is impacted. The result means that life is not as good as it could - or should - be.

Try to observe some rules of feng shui for pets.

1. Animals must not be allowed on FURNITURE
- Unless it furniture specially for them. This puts them on an equal footing with people.

2. Animals should not be on the bed, especially for couples. This divides the couple and becomes in the path of romance, and sometimes the relationship. It would be preferable that animals are not in the bedroom of a couple, but if the choice is between pets in the room on the bed or the floor, go with the ground, never the bed.

Pets should build a house, not to dominate. If your litter box for cats is the first thing you see - or smell - when you enter the house, then there is a problem - and it is not just the odor. If so, you will find that it is a house where the occupant (s) is usually wrong.

Perhaps you have a dog that barks, jumps on, fear or threat of people from entering your home. Well, then you have a situation where every time someone comes, the fear is with them. Is this the kind of environment you want to live?

If this sounds like your pet (s), then at the very least they should be placed in another room when someone comes to visit. The fear they inspire will create an environment yin. If so, then you have a home where your energy is dragging and motivation is low.

An owner has a very large aggressive dog which seemed fresh and beautiful. However, this dog scared visitors. This dog definitely the rest of the rules and he knows it.

The worst is when an animal is given full reign of the house and its owner believes it is "cute". One such owner struggles on a number of fronts, especially with relationships. This is a situation where the animal comes before the individual, and whether the dog scares away potential love relationships. Authority should be restored so that the pets at home is allowed to call people (or a new love interest?) To him.

4. YOUR DOG / CAT / BIRD / ETC. Must not be before the whole world.
If Fido or Fluffy do is also a problem. Feng Shui is about balance. If the animals are completely superior, then the equilibrium does not exist. For example, a woman had pictures of his dog in the house. It is difficult to find a romantic partner and was very upset to be over forty, with no love prospects in sight. She even had an oil painting of the dog food on her bed.

Well, how a romantic partner to come home when 1) the barking dogs and everyone has jumped ahead in the door, and 2) the dog was "top dog" in that it symbolically slept on his master every night?

Although it is advisable to move the image and make other improvements to help her love life, but it is not part of the image and remains unique to this day. Pets should not be between people.


I am constantly amazed at people who suffer from all kinds of complaints of health, but they have eight domestic cats and swear pollen outside of that bother them. The cats are all on the furniture and the kitchen. It is not healthy, not to mention a turn off for visitors. Cats, in particular, are yin animals. Yin energy offset by the maintenance of lighting and music to keep your house active and energetic.


If you must use a lint brush on your family and friends before leaving your home, which could bring the others to avoid. Fur clinging to them is very "yin" and they feel exhausted or dirty when they leave home. This energy is then yin feel your house, too.

If your house is not sociable, rarely by visitors, or people leave right away, then think about revving your environment with color, sunshine, music, or other improvements. May it be that the environment is too yin.


Just having a pet to love is good for you. But the animal must also be good for the entire house, since the animal is friendly, clean and not annoying for your reports or visitors to your home.

Dogs are wonderful for instill a house of living energy, the success of fish, turtles symbolize longevity, and cats are symbols of luck financial (ie, the chance to view cats Asian firms). So, as hard as it may be, a look at the status of your pet to make sure your pets do not affect your feng shui and improving your life.

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