Leonbergers are a large breed, meaning they grow up fast and are big!
Leos are high-energy dogs with amazing intelligence.
Leos do not adapt to being an outside dog.
The Leonberger dog was created in the 1840’s to resemble the lion of the Leonber town crest. It is a cross between a Newfoundland and St Bernard, and a backcross to a Pyrenean Mountain dog. Another dog may also have been used in the creation of the Leonberger in order for the colour we see them in today to be developed.
Today the Leonberger is still relatively rare but it is gaining in numbers and popularity.
 The Leonberger is a muscular, large, and elegant dog with a balanced rectangular build and is distinguished by a black mask and double coat.
Size Height at withers:
Dogs: 29.5 in+. Most males are around 30-31 in. Bitches: 28 in+. Most bitches are around 28-29 in.
Dogs: 130-170 lb* (some reach over 200). Bitches: 130-160 lb*.
Leonbergers are supposed to be noble, gentle and sweet - and many are. There is no guarantee though, only good breeding practices with an emphasis on an outstanding temperament significantly increases the chances that your cute puppy will grow up to become a gentle adult.
The Leonberger is in general a healthy breed. As long as they have the correct diet to allow their proper growth there should not be too many bone and joint problems.

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