A pet that is not properly secured in a vehicle constitutes a danger to itself and other passengers in the vehicle. Even the wisest pet travelers can get too excited or scared while riding in a car.An unrestrained pet can potentially become a flying projectile in the event of a sudden stop or accident - potentially deadly to pets and other passengers in the vehicle. Unfortunately, cases of pets being thrown through the windshield is all too common in serious accidents
A vehicle involved in an accident traveling at only thirty mph can cause a fifteen pound child to create an impact of 675 pounds. Similarly, a sixty  pound dog can cause an impact of 2700 pounds. Imagine the injury such an impact would cause for the helpless pet as well as other passengers.
Yet another important consideration is that in the event of an accident, a frightened pet may run out into traffic while rescue workers enter the vehicle to assist passengers. Or it may attack those who are trying to help. There are many pet restraint options available.Pet car seats (with built-in seat belts), pet safety belts,vehicle pet barriers and travel crates are some excellent options. Whatever method you choose to properly restrain your pet in your vehicle, be sure to give your pet ample time to adapt. If you choose a travel fund, put the cage in your house and put part of your pets favorite toys or blanket him. Allow your pet to enter and leave the cage at leisure. Finally, put the cage in your vehicle and place your pet in a cage. Start by taking car rides short and gradually increase the time until your pet is comfortable. If you choose a seat belt pet, let your pet wear a harness around the house. Give them time to feel comfortable in the sling before strapping into the car. Similar to the travel fund, start by taking car trips short and gradually put in place. No matter what method of restraint you use, the back seat or cargo travel is the safest.
In addition to safety, ensure the comfort of your pet a priority. Just as it is important that your "seat" to be comfortable your pet's seat should be comfortable too.
Let everything that is right for our pets. Pets are family members and their safety is our responsibility.

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