Most pet attacks occur because of the owner or the victim .
Attacks on the owners of pets, because the animals feel threatened, their instincts tell them the original to defend themselves. Pet owners must read their body language, understand the animal species they have taken in to their homes .

Be Careful You Don't...
Make sudden moves near an unfamiliar pet.
Scare an animal.
Try to take back food you've already given it.
Step on its tail or hurt it accidentally.
Tease or provoke it.
Other reasons why pets, especially dogs, attack people are somewhat still being debated upon animal behaviorists. Some may surprise you. This includes wearing perfume that is offending to their sensitive noses. Fur and feather wear also cause pets to attack. We might find it amusing in some movies to see the family dog attacking a guest's mink coat, but in reality this does happen occasionally. Strange sounds such as bells, cellphones and car alarms can also trigger an attack.
In case of a pet attack :
Do not try to use your hands to take over animal attacks a human being. High-power water pipes or long pole is enough to stop it without you risking injury. If you have enough experience, you can try to seize a dog or cat of the cuff of the neck.
Appropriate discipline. This does not mean cruelty, kicked or hit the pet with something hard. A light smack or slap in the face of slippers or animal's nose volumes of newspapers is enough to distract his attention and information sent to the offender, something which is not correct.
Apply the right people attacked first aid, and requested the doctor to the injured. As a pet owner, you are responsible for the victim be properly cared for, even if the attack is his or her fault.
Pet attack causes. If you know why you can easily take the necessary measures to prevent it.

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