There is nothing more honey than looking your family's eyes light up with agreeability when you bring house a brand new puppy. The very initial day that your puppy is with you and the rest of the domestic, it may be a wonder how this helpless small animal will ever become a completely trained, well-mannered, domesticated dog. However, with plenty of period and training, this recent puppy will be a regular part of the family in no time.
The first week of your puppy's current stay in the home may acquire a little clouding, for both you and the dog, but characteristically the dog. He must adjust to a collectively new lifestyle adaptation. Always conserve in mind that a puppy has been literally torn away from his den and other littermates. It will get some time and a very patient owner - you!
Dog experts and breeders all agree that the greatest time to remove a puppy from his mother to be raised as a pet and a new domestic is nearly seven weeks of age. A puppy this young will desire plenty of rest and will spend most mornings and afternoons napping, besides his evening sleep schedule. If you bring home a puppy that is already eight weeks of age, or slightly older, you must have an addition patience with him. This time period of the puppy's life is considered to be the "fear period". In other words, he is very emotional to loud noises and harsh treatment. Authorize your puppy to get acquainted with everything conceivable, within safety of course, and be sure not to take the dog anywhere that could affect trauma.
For those of you that bring home a new puppy from the age of ten to twelve weeks old, this animal will has a tendency to be a bit more rambunctious and active than younger puppies. Having been around a bit longer than a seven-week old, this puppy has a bit more confidence and less fright.

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