While it is uncertain whether cats have a nine lives or not, it is not infrequent to view cats survive to a ripe old age of twenty years of age or longer. This is ensuing to the many improvements made in health care, proper nutrition and basic human desire to have our pets around us longer. So this raises the question of how to take attention of an older cat?
Even though Fluffy may appearance like the spry young kitten she once was the truth is due to of advanced age her desires will increase as her basic functions slow down. Cat fitness will abound in older cats so here are brief suggestions to help make life easier for not only the older cat but together with the owner. 

1. Diet
consuming your older cat proper nutritional food along with a high quality supplement will assist in keep an older cat healthy and avoiding potential cat health difficulty. 

2. Veterinarian Care
While I do not endorse running to your Vet over every difficulty, for serious illnesses or accidents they are invaluable.
The Vet will check for signs of disease, joint problems, eye strain and dental issues.

3. observe for Signs
As your cat changes be it behavior or physical transformations, give attention to it as it could be the begin of a medical problem.
Negligible things to look for would be a conversion in there eating, elimination problems (either going more or less) or personality differences.
A literal mountain! By changing the older cats ambience can be the difference in having an agreeable cat or not. As a side point, if he has trouble climbing into his litter box maybe change it with a low-sided one or lower entrance.
Another advice would be to purchase a pet ramp to authorize kitty to look out his favored window ledge if he cannot jump up there anymore.
Senior cats need heat as they are more sensitive to drafts and the cold. So by adding a warmer blanket to his bed it will help him retain his body heat. One typical cat health difficulty in older cats is declining vision. Gentle brushing or stroking your cat will help augment blood circulation and distribute skin oil so doing this on a daily basis will greatly abbreviate cat health problems. As well do not be scared if your cat has the occasional potty accident, this too happens with older cats. 

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