popular are frequent amused and alarmed when they look horses, either at horse shows, country shops, or even at the circus. The horse may seem alike an oddity at beginning, but they are a effect of hundreds of years of selective breeding.

"Minis" as they are amiably called, are believed to have began from Shetland ponies. They were bred especially for a variety of tasks, including working in coal mines, as pets for royalty and as performers at traveling circuses and carnivals.

The alpha records of an individual acquiring miniature horses were kept in the mid 1600s. These horses were said to belong with King Louis XIV and were kept at his Versailles palace in France. The alpha minis arrived in the United States in the 1800s and acted in the coal mines of the Appalachian Mountains.

Miniatures horses are utilized for a variety of purposes now including livestock, pets, and companion animals for those who are disabled. Minis exist to be among twenty to thirty years old, the equal lifespan of their larger counterparts.

Various breeds are believed to exist in countries throughout the world. These include:
Miniature Shetland Pony
UK Shetland Pony
Miniature Toy Horse
Miniature Pony
Micro Mini
Midget Pony
American Miniature Horse
Dartmoor Pony
American Miniature Horse
Like other breeds of horses, Minis must adhere to certain standards to be considered genuine members of their specialized breed. These standards include being no more than seven to eight hands high, having rounded hooves, straight and parallel legs, widely spaced eyes and they must be well-proportioned overall.
There are horses for market all around the globe, waiting to be purchased or adapted by admiring families or individuals. A horse can be the acme companion for anyone, young or old, who possesses a big heart for these brief awes.

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