If you have ever looked after a cat, you will realise how good they really are at being able to communicate to us humans.
A cat has numerous ways of getting the message across to us. If, for instance, you see your cat hunched up on her back legs and hissing madly, you will know that she is wary or afraid of something. In the same way, if she is stood proud and waving her tail about slowly from side to side, then this is an indication that all is probably well.
You can also tell a lot about a cat's state of mind by its eyes. If a cat is content with everything then the eyes may be half closed. If, however, you look and the eyes are dilated and wide, it could be that this is probably a sign of fear or anger.
We have all heard the cat "meowing" or purring contently, but were you aware that these are not the only sounds that a cat makes? Apparently there are about nineteen different types of "meow" that a cat can make.
Purring from cats is not only because they are content. If you listen closely, you will probably hear them purring if they have to be treated at the vet's or if a stranger tries to stroke them or pick them up.
The cat makes a slightly different sound when it is asking to be fed, or when it comes over to greet you.
If you have the displeasure of ever seeing a cat in pain or in distress, you will notice that the cat makes a more intense sound than the usual murmuring.
All these different sounds are the cat's way of communicating with us. If we take the time to look after our cats and get to know what they are telling us, maybe this will benefit the both of us.
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