Dealing with the death of a cherished pet can be surprisingly difficult. Of course, you did not expect your pet to live as long as you, but your sadness over your pet’s absence deserves to be treated with respect.
Allow yourself to go through the stages of mourning: disbelief, anger, denial, self-blame and acceptance. If you think it will help you, assemble photos of your pet and gather his things in one place.

Consider a memorial. Whether you decide to cremate or bury your pet, you can always arrange for a simple ceremony attended by friends and family. Ask them to bring their pets if you think you can handle it. At the memorial, say a few words about the special traits of your pet. Arrange flowers and perhaps light a small circle of candles near it.
Give yourself time alone to grieve privately. Not everyone will understand how you feel but you must respect your feelings. You may need to cry or yell or become upset: do so in your home where no one will disturb you

Avoid replacing your pet with another animal too quickly. You know yourself best: if you think having a new puppy or kitten right away will cheer you, do so. You might consider waiting at least several weeks before bringing home a new creature. If you do, purchase all new items for that animal so it is a completely new experience for you both. Retire your other pet’s belongings by placing them in a small chest.

See your doctor if you cannot move on after a few months. Minor depression is “normal” when a pet dies, but if you are still grieving heavily after 2 or 3 months, seek professional help.

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