Follow the tips below to be sure you won't have problems with your pet:
  • If you go to a party do not impose the host to accept you to go with your pet. The presence of a pet may annoy, no matter how calm and docile he is.
  • Your cats will not sharpen the claw in furniture and carpets if you give them a piece of worn carpet.
  • Never leave your pet in the care of someone without giving them his "personal items" like basket, pillow, favorite toy and litter, because this is the only way he will feel more protected and nearer to home, at least by the smell.
  • Want to keep away certain things from house cats' sharp claws? Powder them with a little pepper.
  • If cats do not want to swallow pills or take drugs from infestations, use to the following trick: dissolve the pills in a little warm broth, then dip in this broth the front paws. Instinctively, the cat will wash the paws. Repeat this process until the last drop of medicine is gone.
  • Curtains will also be better protected if to the wash water you will add three teaspoons of white pepper, ground very well.
  • The dog will have a brighter coat, if once a week you stir a spoon of olive oil in his food.
  • Fleas will not invade your animal fur after you put in his sleeping baskets a cotton swabs soaked with lavender or lavender oil.
  • Animal hair, left on the carpets and clothes, is very easy to remove with a plastic sponge, soaked in water and squeezed.
  • Dogs and cats can not stand the smell of ammonia. So put a few drops on cotton in the places you want to stay away from their urine.
  • A cat should never eat onions or garlic, tomatoes, potatoes, chocolate, grapes and raisins.
Another thing you should beware is that relationship between cats and dogs is based more on cat behavior that depends on past experience gained at a young age towards other animals. But also the enmity between the cat and dog owes due to the dog's hunting instincts. However if the kitten grows with puppies they get used to playing together and can live in a house.

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