A pet in winter time may not want to go outside for potty training. They may also develop some bad habits when it comes to walking and exercise. A puppy may also have a thin coat of fur that makes going outside cold for a dog.
A puppy will not have their warm coat of fur yet. They will feel the temperatures faster than a regular full grown dog. They are also used to being warm and around their mothers warm milk, so the idea of placing them in snow may be a challenge.
There are some pet wear that could be placed on a dog to help with the winter chills. A pet may enjoy placing a fabric or material based covering over their back and sides to keep them warm. If they are not cold when they do head outside, they may not find it a challenge.
Most pets enjoy running and chasing things that move. Dogs cannot help but to chase a bouncing ball or a thrown toy. Once a dog is used to running and chasing items in the house, the same item or toy can be tossed outside in playful way. The pet should run out and chase it and not even realize the wet and cold snow that is under their feet.
Before a dog can change their mind about the snow and run inside. The owner may want to create the element of fun by continuing the game. The ball or toy can be tossed around as the pet runs and chases it. As the pet is running around they may not even notice the temperature or they may get used to the wet snow without even realizing it.
Another issue that some pets have in the winter months, is that the snow level is larger than the animal itself. If a pet cannot see above their head or in front of them, they may not feel comfortable going out. Shoveling snow in a large square area could help a puppy manage to go outdoors.
Young dogs may whine if they are left alone at night or cry if the owners of the home go out, being placed out in the cold alone could also be just as traumatic. The owner may need to make outside time a social event. When the puppy needs to go out for a walk or a run in the backyard, the owner should be out there in the back as well. They can encourage the dog to run and play. If the animal is not alone they may learn how to enjoy the outdoors.
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