If a flea problem remains untreated, it can become more serious. In fact, your pet could actually develop a colony, as one female flea can produce thousands of babies. With this many insects attacking your pet's skin, there is a greater chance of infection.
On top of that, eradication becomes more difficult as the fleas multiply. Flea shampoos simply will not be enough to kill all of them. Instead, you will have to resort to a pest control company. And if you go this route, you will have a very expensive bill to contend with. Avoid this problem by learning how to get rid of fleas once the problem starts.
To begin this process, you need to know where fleas proliferate. Usually, this is in areas where there are tall grasses. Fleas live there until a person or an animal walks by. They latch themselves onto the new host, thinking they are a better source of food. You can lessen this occurrence by spraying these areas with anti-flea solution. Also minimize the amount of time you let pets roam around such areas. This becomes even more important during an active infection.
For controlling the infection itself, the best thing you can do is apply a flea treatment.Once they are applied to the skin, it will take around twenty four hours for the medication to take into effect. Either way, make sure you keep things safe during the application. Avoid getting the solution into the pet's eyes and keep them from licking the affected areas as swallowing the solution could make them sick.
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