Several causes of cat dandruff and what you can do to help;
 A poor diet which lacks moisture and oils, usually a result of relying on dry food, can cause a deficiency in omega 3 fatty acids, moisture and other vitamins and minerals imperative for a shiny, healthy coat. This cause of dandruff can be helped by supplements and simply supplying your cat with a quality canned cat food approved by the AAFCO ( which regulates nutritional levels for animal food.
 If your cat is not grooming often enough, or not at all, because they may be overweight, ill or elderly, you can lend a hand by grooming them daily. This will help stimulate and distribute the natural oils which can help with a dry coat.
  Heated forced air in the home during the winter can dry out your cat's skin as well as yours. Try using a humidifier in the home to help combat dry air.

Sunburn dandruff might not be actual dandruff but a result of sunburn and the skin peeling. You can apply a topical cream, but mainly it's a matter of waiting for the burn and flakiness to subside. In extreme cases kitty should see their vet. Brew and cool some green tea and rinse kitty with it (if they'll let you). The antioxidants in the tea will help soothe and heal the sunburn.
 Seborrhea or scaly skin can be treated with medicated shampoos available at your local pet stores or vet. Seborrhea is caused by abnormal skin cell production making the skin flaky and dry as well as oily and scaly.
 Mites cause a condition called Cheyletiellosis or walking dandruff. This type of mite is usually transmitted by other pets in places such as shelters, boarding or grooming businesses. It can also be transmitted to humans or from humans to pets, so the whole home, as well as other pets, must be treated to avoid re-infestation. Poor nutrition can lower your cat's immune system making them more prone to mites.
 If after trying the at home treatments and you still notice your kitty has dandruff you should seek your veterinarians help so that any serious conditions can be eliminated.

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