discus fish
discus fish

It is considerable to add discus fish to the aquarium briefly upon completion of the nitrogen cycle in the filter. The authority of thumb for stocking density is to allow at least five gallons per discus fish. If the filter is cycled and discus fish will not be increased for awhile, it is considerable to nourish the filter bacteria.The filter bacteria desire oxygen and a food source. The mature filter can be conserved alive by feeding ammonia every two days at a rate of five pm. 
Plural experienced hobbyists, as a precaution, quarantine any current discus fish before accumulating them to a fully setup aquarium full of discus fish. If a quarantine tank is utilized for recent discus arrivals it should have a very energetic biological filter. This is to ensure adequate filtration to prevent ammonia or nitrite spikes which will damage the discus. Air driven sponge filters are excellent filters to use in a discus quarantine tank. 
The tank should not be too small. If an air driven sponge filter is kept in the main discus aquarium, a quarantine tank can be rapidly set up using aged water from the main tank along with the established filter. 
Should a difficulty arise in the main discus aquarium it is greatest to treat the main tank. If you purchase discus fish from a pet shop to add to your discus aquarium, they should be located in a quarantine tank for observation and possible treatment.
 Difficulties arise with discus fish health from introduction of fish carrying a pathogen or parasite and from the stress constructed due to aquarium maintenance neglect.

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