Chinchilla care is quite simple. All you need is to know the right way to provide their basic needs. This will contribute a great deal in raising the animals and ensuring they are in excellent condition every day. The following are some of the ways of caring for chinchillas including:

· Bathing
It is not advisable to get chinchillas wet because they have thick fur that makes air-drying impossible. Moisture tends to remain on their skin, making them prone to fungal problems. If the pet gets wet by accident, it is important to consider drying their fur using a towel or a hair dryer that is set in "cool" condition. Chinchillas need a dust bath twice or more times a week. Pet owners can buy dusting powder that is specially made for chinchillas. To bath the pet, use a large container to allow the chinchilla to roll around comfortably. For the best result, it is advisable to consider a container that has a cover. This will prevent fine dust flying around when the animal starts to roll. The dust bath helps to get rid of dirt and excess oil in its fur.
Chinchillas enjoy jumping around. Therefore, it is advisable to consider keeping your pet in a spacious cage that features numerous platforms. This will allow the animal to jump freely. Furthermore, you may consider placing an igloo or box in their quarter for hiding and sleeping. Because these animals have dense fur, they cannot tolerate intense heat. Therefore, it is advisable to keep them in a controlled environment, with temperatures remaining below 80 degree. Chinchillas are extremely active during the night and thus it is important to keep their cage away from your bedroom. This will help you get a peaceful night.
· Feeding
There is a range of good feeds to choose from. Pellets are a favorite with many pet owners because most of them are high quality products, available at competitive prices. 2 tablespoons can help a great deal. In addition to these pellets, you can consider a handful of hay every day. The animal also requires fresh drinking water from a water bottle you may consider fastening to the cage. It is important to ensure the pet can reach the bottle easily. Furthermore, you may consider giving your pet chew sticks occasionally. Chinchillas like to wear down their teeth and thus chew sticks come handy. Make sure to buy chew sticks that have been formulated specifically for chinchillas.
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