One can always depend on a dog to derp hard, causing all who view the hilarious dog face to forget their troubles and cheering up everyone indefinitely.
Dog pictures give you a glimpse into the world of our favorite canine friends.

Funny Dog Face

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Funny praying Cat - funny Cat photos:

We pray when times are bad and when we want healing for a loved one.....and believe it or not...even cats pray!

Funny praying Cat

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If you are suffering with the loss of a pet, here are some tools to find relief.
Find a support group
The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement offers a list of pet bereavement support groups in several states. Most humane societies also offer group sessions. Psychotherapist Marcia Breitenbach recommends this approach because it allows pet owners to see that they are not alone. If your community does not have a pet grief group, she suggests attending bereavement group sessions, which typically are offered at churches or hospitals.
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Coping with Pet Loss

Anyone who considers a pet a beloved friend, companion, or family member knows the intense pain that accompanies the loss of that friend. Following are some tips on coping with that grief, and with the difficult decisions one faces upon the loss of a pet.

1. Am I crazy to hurt so much?

Intense grief over the loss of a pet is normal and natural. Don't let anyone tell you that it's silly, crazy, or overly sentimental to grieve!
During the years you spent with your pet (even if they were few), it became a significant and constant part of your life. It was a source of comfort and companionship, of unconditional love and acceptance, of fun and joy. So don't be surprised if you feel devastated by the loss of such a relationship.
People who don't understand the pet/owner bond may not understand your pain. All that matters, however, is how you feel. Don't let others dictate your feelings: They are valid, and may be extremely painful. But remember, you are not alone: Thousands of pet owners have gone through the same feelings.
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English Bulldog

The English bulldogs are a very famous breed among pet lovers as they are calm and apathetic. Well, they actually snore a lot, but by calm I mean they won't drive you acorns with the moving around or barking or abolishing the furniture. Plus, they're extremely cute.
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Keep Your Cats Occupied

Cats  basically disregard what you want and are almost impracticable to train them to the point you would train a dog.
Have empty bode ready. Cats adore boxes, or any other tight spaces they can snuggle into. Take a shoe box and put it on the floor and wait. In about three minutes there will be one cat in it, I guarantee it. It will love the box so much that it will sleep in it, play with it to the point of turning it into ribbons. Cats don't play nice, they usually destroy their plaything. We just want to make sure that's not you. 
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The tank you choose will be the foundation of your very own Marine Aquarium. It's good to get this right the first time. If you do, it will save you a lot of time and money. The reason I say this is because people buy a tank and then later on realize that they want a bigger one, so if you know what type of setup you want before you buy your tank you have more of a chance of making the right decision on the size.
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