English Bulldog

The English bulldogs are a very famous breed among pet lovers as they are calm and apathetic. Well, they actually snore a lot, but by calm I mean they won't drive you acorns with the moving around or barking or abolishing the furniture. Plus, they're extremely cute.

But one thing that future possessors do not comprehend is that the English bulldog is probably the breed that obligates the closest and most complex maintenance. At the origins the bulldog didn't look similar it does today. It was more supple and lighter with a more elongated nose, resembling today's Boxer breed. But somewhere along the line it was mixed with the pug. I still don't understand why, even though he does look funnier and it's cuter, but it's a pain both for the owner and the dog. It lost its form and now it looks like a sack of wheat. It is probably the only dog that cannot curl. It is artlessly absurd to its current anatomy. It also cannot scratch itself, which should be drastically annoying to it, as you no doubt imagine.

But the worst part is that most of them have inherited a ton of allergies, allergies so weird that almost none of them were detected. By that I mean they cannot be cured. You have to fire any sort of medication away until something works. But it's not ideal to conserve any animal on medication for a long time as it affects its organs. So it needs special food, and special diet, which is pretty expensive as well. Also, it needs to be cleaned daily on the face and between the paws as the common bulldog's anatomy doesn't allow some parts of its skin to breathe. If you don't disinfect those daily there are chances of irritation that can lead to wounds that need to be operated and frequently skin gets cut away, just like plastic surgery.

Also, being a lazy animal, it covets a lot of care as far as training goes. You need to find out what makes it click, and it's not a lot, and use it to the max to bring out some exercise from it, otherwise the dog will put layers over layers of fat. That affects its heart, the main deduction why it is say the average life span of the English bulldog to be about 6 years.

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