chinchillas as pets

Five important things to know while keeping chinchillas as pets are below. After all, deciding what you want to keep as a pet isn't easy and it is always a good idea to brush up on information. Keeping an exotic pet like a chinchilla will also make you the neighbors' envy for sure. After all, not many around you have a chinchilla as a pet, do they?

1. The chinchillas are quite active and the females' rodents are also known to be aggressive, especially with the same sex chinchillas. The females mature by the time they are 7 months old. They have a gestation period of 111 days and can have 1-2 babies per litter.
2. These little pets have a life span of 12-20years. They weigh as little as 1.1-1.5 kg. They are about 12-14 inches long and have a tail which is about 4-6 inches long. These are bigger than the ground squirrels and smaller than rabbits.
3. Chinchillas need a good amount of roughage in their diet. Therefore green grass is the best food for them. Apart from the occasional treats can be given. These rodents are crepuscular in nature i.e.; they are most active during the dusk and dawn. Care should be taken to feed them as per their habits. Treats can be given once a day, however, too much is not recommended since their digestive system cannot assimilate too much sugar.
4. It is recommended that the chinchillas be kept in a cage. If kept out in the open, they might end up chewing whatever they find.
5. Chinchillas are sometimes seen biting their fur; this could result due to poor diet, boredom, stressful conditions or too much noise around.
You need to remember that a chinchilla needs to be handled with care. Gentle handling and providing the pet with attention will tame the pet soon.
We are talking about the chinchillas of South America.

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