Any difficulties attached to the kidneys, are frequent in cats. This is due to cats have evolved to live off their wits. They have a super fanciful stalking and hunting abilities and these can only be executed with the use of adrenalin. Adrenalin is produced in the kidneys.
The common cause of kidney stones in cats or anyone else, is the dietary supplementation of isolated and synthetic nutrients, in particular calcium and vitamin C. Nutrients cannot be isolated as they co-dependent on many others for full and efficient absorption.
At best, the synthetic nutrients are excreted. At worst they cause internal problems, such as kidney stones. All processed cat food will be supplemented with additional nutrients, as most are very poor quality.
By feeding your cat a processed cat food, you are not only starving her of quality food, you may also be contributing to kidney stones and other kidney problems.
Apart from the poor quality and the synthetic nutrients, the majority of processed cat food contains harmful preservatives despite the claim on the label. So your cat is also probably experiencing a toxic overload, to add to her existing burden.
The first thing to address is the diet. Convert your cat to a quality raw meat and bones diet. Perseverance on your part will eventually convince her.
The homeopathic medicine Urtica urens can be helpful is dissolving the salts which make kidney stones. It is also a helpful medicine in relieving the system of a toxin overload.
Cats who do well on Urtica urens may also suffer from urticaria (a rash of round red welts, which itch intensely and may swell, also known as hives, or can occur after an allergic reaction) of the skin. Or they may have suffered from this in the past.
If this has been suppressed with drugs such as cortisone, this simply adds to you cat's overloaded toxic burden.
The suggested potency (strength) is 6x or 6c twice a day for a week or two, depending on the results observed.

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