Little puppies frequently undergo the teething stage, that's why they bite a lot. So, if you have chosen to obtain a adolescent dog, you better curry yourself for many biting. However, you do not absolutely have to worry due to even if puppy bites may be a minimal painful, they don't act any serious injury. Puppies are easier to train compared to older dogs. But it is more preferable not to acquire the puppy absent from its mother until it is ten weeks old.
Then, once your puppy is old enough for training, you have to tour it around your house and your neighborhood. As you know, unfamiliar surroundings can prompt aggressive behaviors in dogs such as biting, gnawing, and barking. And you and your neighbors will not be pleased if it develops dog biting difficulties. You must also allow it to be touched and patted by your family and companions so it will know that these people are allies.
Then, you must prevent your dog from being stressed as stress can cause dog biting problems. You have to avoid leaving it alone in your house often, or leaving it in an unfamiliar place. You must also make sure that it does not get into fights with your neighbors' dogs because this might also cause it to become stressed. It will appreciate even just a simple pat on its head or a rub on its tummy. But you must also walk it regularly and play with it often. You must talk to it and praise it, as well.
Moreover, you have to feed it everyday with nutritious foods. These goods are especially formulated with the necessary nutrients that dogs need. But you can also feed it with cooked meat. Then, you must also not forget to reward it with delicious treats. So, if you follow these suggestions, you and your dog will have a harmonious relationship.
In order to abstain dog behavior problems you have to train your dog attentively. You can only train your dog well by comprehending the correct method. You can detect everything you desire to train your dog here:

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