If there is one thing that your dwarf hamster is going to celebrate, it's the fact that it has plenty of stimulation whenever it's in its cage.
That is why many hamster owners make sure that they have the right dwarf hamster toys in order to keep their little friends as happy and active as possible.
There are plenty of options that are available whenever you are choosing a toy and it is very achievable for you to make some hamster toys as well. One of the most common dwarf hamster toys that you're going to find is a plastic ball which allows your hamster to get around without getting lost or getting stepped on.
This is what is commonly known as a hamster in ball toy, and it can be a big way for you to allow your dwarf hamster to have a bit more freedom, while at the same time also being able to admire them out and about.
You absolutely want to make sure that any hamster in ball toy that you purchased was as secure as possible. The last thing that you would want to have happen is for your hamster to end up springing free while it is running around the room somewhere and only the cat knows where it's at.
Another thing that is very enjoyable when it comes to dwarf hamster toys is the exercise wheel. Having a hamster wheel toy can aid your hamster in running for a mile or two every day, and you will probably be surprised by how often your dwarf will use it.
One suggestion that I would choose to give to you is that if you have the hamster cage in your bedroom, it would be a admirable belief for you to get a hamster wheel toy that was as silent as possible.
Many people purchase dwarf hamster toys, but it is also possible for you to make some that
s/he will enjoy as well. These can be as simple as a little cardboard box, or perhaps an empty toilet paper roll.
You can use a toilet paper roll to train your dwarf hamster to eat out of your hand. Just put some hamster treats in your hand put the tube where the little one can climb into it and when he comes out the other side, presto your best friends.
I would enjoy to end on one of the dwarf hamster toys that I enjoy using for my cute little hamster.
I take a paper towel tube and fill it up with a little bit of hamster food. It is fun to observe the hamster enjoy trying to get to the food and chewing its way into the tube... 

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smart paws said... @ 9/18/2010

I really enjoyed this I had a couple of hamsters growing up and I used to love watching them on their wheel. Very informative as well.

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