Ferrets are favorites as pets in most of the northern parts of the country. A lot of space, time and thought are often spent on determining the best feed for them, especially during their post-natal period. The diet for them follows the same pattern as most domestic mammals.
Ferret diet on a daily basis should follow the following averages: 

Protein:A minimum of thirty-three percent of the daily diet should include proteins 

Fat:High fat of about twenty percent should be included on a daily basis

Is ferret dog food good for them?
A hot topic under discussion nowadays is whether one can feed them with dog food. Some believe strongly that kind of food makes good for them. However, some feel strongly against feeding them food meant for dogs. According to them a ferret is a ferret and not a dog and cannot be fed food that does not belong to its natural food type.
History of Ferret Feed
Until about two decades ago there was not much research done about the type of food being eaten by ferrets. As a lot of research was done on pet food and specialized food was available for all ages of dogs, ferrets too were fed with the corresponding food. But with better research in diet of ferrets and development of ferret specific food, it has been found that the dog food lacks in taurine a chemical that is very important for ferret development.
Experts' Opinion
Professional ferret diet planners, vets and people of the ferret industry too opine that a combination of foods following the scientific quantities as mentioned earlier is very important.
If ferrets take a liking to dog food then feeding your ferret with it is ideal.
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