In this post I want to tell you why I think almost every household should have some kind of pet.
The first reason: Safety
Having a dog at home is especially good because they also double up as caretakers. No burglar alarm can be better than a dog at home!
The second reason; Pets can enhance your mood
Whether you believe it or not, pets are a great way to improve your mood and temperament. Research has shown that people who suffer from various diseases have lesser chances of depression if they keep pets as compared to those who are suffering from similar diseases and don't keep pets.
The third reason; Long lifeSeveral studies have revealed that people who tend to spend their time with pets are more likely to live longer than people who don't.
The fourth reason: Help to control blood pressure
Health experts say that dog owners have less blood pressure and heart rates. This eventually reduces the need to take medicines and also helps reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
 The fifth reason: Reduce stress
Pets are known to reduce stress and anxiety levels. Experts say that people can get relieve from stress and depression, if they spend time with their pets.

The Sixth Reason :A source of exercise

Want someone who will accompany you for walks? Dogs can be great companions and will happily go out for walks, at times even urging you for a walk, when you're too tired, thereby keeping you active and fit. Other activities related to pets like feeding, bathing, playing and cleaning are also good ways to exercise.

The seventh reason: An antidote for loneliness

No matter how low or lonely you keep, a pet will always be there for you. Whether you want to pour your heart out to them or tell them your secrets, you know it's all safe with them! Pets give you unconditional love and are always faithful.

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Perfect Memorials said... @ 8/04/2014

Pets not only add joy and happiness to one’s life but also give a much needed boost and relieve a person from stress and tension.

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