American Curls are svelte and medium sized, longhaired and shorthaired.
American Curls originate from South California and exist since 1981.
The breed is the result of a spontaneous mutation, a freak of nature.
The first American Curl, named Shulamith, was a black longhair cat, which had been found in front of their parking lot by Grace and Joe Ruga, and on which the family based its breeding program.
The American Curl is medium in size, the body is elongated and slender.
The legs are slender and medium high.
The bone structure is not very heavy.
The eyes are slightly oval (in some organizations called walnut-shaped) and can have any colour.
The ears are medium in size, open and wide at their base. They are set rather erect on the skull.
American Curls have an extremely gentle and friendly temperament, they are not interested in any quarrels and go very well with other cats and pets.
American Curls can be bred without any problems.

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