How come so many puppies find their way into adoption centers every year? Well one reason is that people choose the wrong dog breed.
Some breeds by nature are dependent or submissive, others are aloof and elegant while others are independent and energetic. So if you want an affectionate pet, choose a breed that typically likes to be close to its people.
 If you want to do specialized training, consider breeds known for courage and trainability.
To assure that your puppy fits in with your lifestyle start by asking yourself some questions:
1 -How much exercise can I give my dog?
- If you like to walk the mountains all day long get a dog breed which likes a lot of exercise. If you hate exercise, buy a small dog happy with a short walk.
2 -How much time can I spend with my dog?
- If your time is limited don't get a breed which can become dependent on their owners.
3 -How much grooming can I do?
- If you detest  grooming, buy a short-haired dog.
4 -How much room do I have?
- If you live in a small flat don't get a large dog!
5 -How much training can I give?
- If you have limited time, choose a breed known for ease of training.
6 -What characteristics do I want in my dog?  
- Think of words like independent, submissive, protective , affectionate, energetic, quiet, funny or sociable. Try to match them to the characteristics of your family members.

After answering the questions it is time find the right dog breed. The internet is a great place to start. Just type something like "dog breed " or "dog breeds information " and you will find more sites giving detailed information about each breed.

Note the characteristics of the different breeds. What is best for your situation: male or female, purebred or mix , large or small , Short coat or shaggy coat? A lot or little daily grooming?  A dog needing lots or little exercise?
 Compare this information to your requirements and make a short list.
You can ask people you trust about the dog breeds you are interested in.
Your dog will be part of the family, and each member needs to feel a sense of ownership for the dog and a willingness to help in its care.

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