Dry food for dogs are usually kept very well, precisely because they are dry, but moist foods that come in a box, can be problematic, if not stored after opening. In summer, be careful not to leave an open can, because the heat damage inside.

Once you open a can of food for your dog, you must save it in the refrigerator, provided it is not past the expiry date, but if the dog is small it safe the next day . Keep the can to a safe temperature first is good advice, because if you do not, you could well be that the food has gone bad and may make your dog sick.

As with humans for food, if the expiry date has passed, do not give that food to your dog, because it is better to prevent potential problems. Although this is something that is generally well known, we should not leave to chance and give him a food that may be in poor condition or because they were at high temperatures when opened, or d ' other reasons. With heat, dog food is very easily damaged.

Here, you must also bear in mind that the food you feed your dog is approved by local authorities and it is marked as safe for your pets in all cases. Always and I always want to ensure that the canned foods you buy is sealed and you should always read the expiration date of food. If you're not sure what type of food you need to give your dog the best thing you have to do is consult a vet and find some suggestions online.

Keeping a pet is something that needs a lot of your time and attention, you must make sure that you spend a good, quality time with your pet.

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