The British Shorthair cat is a very popular cat breed in almost all cat organizations.
Their name is often abbreviated to 'BSH'.
The British Shorthair is already mentioned in one of the first books giving a good overview about the different breeds, which was issued in Britain in 1889.
The British Shorthair is medium to large in size, the body is short (called cobby). Legs are short and strong. Bone structure is very solid.
The eyes are large and round and set wide apart. Eye colour is different in different coat colours: Orange eyes are found in solid colours, tabbies, white, smoke, bicolour. Blue eyes are found in white, bicolour and colourpoint
The British Shorthair are independent, yet very affectionate to their people.
They follow them around the house to make sure that everything is done right.
There are reports about PKD, which results from outcrosses to Persians and Exotics. Therefore it is recommended to scan the cats used for breeding (done via ultrasonic scanning).
The British Shorthair is an easy going cat, their coat does not tangle and has no tendency to get filthy or knotted.
They do not need to be bathed or excessively groomed.

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