Burmese cats are compact and muscular, with medium length legs and tail, and a short, fine, glossy coat.
Accepted eye colour for the breed is gold or yellow, although interbreeding with Siamese may lead to blue or green.
Although the American and European breeds are very similar there are subtle differences.
The American breed has a more rounded shape, while the European breed is more angular.
The European Burmese is an elegant yet not so fragile cat. It is medium sized, has good bone structure and muscular development and very expressive eyes.
Burmese are vocal like the Siamese but have softer, sweeter meows.

Burmese Colours :

Brown - the original Burmese color, a rich warm seal brown.
Chocolate - a warm milk chocolate.

Blue - a soft blue-gray with a silver sheen.
Cream - cream with a distinct bloom on the head and back, giving a powdered effect.
Lilac - a pale delicate dove gray with a pinkish cast.
Red - tangerine.
Chocolate tortie - Chocolate with shades of red.
Brown tortie - brown with shades of red.
Lilac tortie - lilac with shades of cream.

Blue tortie - Blue with shades of cream.





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