The cat toys and play can greatly improve the physical and emotional health of your cat. Cats have a very strong instinct to hunt and hunt and play with cat toys is the nearest domestic cats are at greater expression of these instincts. A cat that is not encouraged to play and develop their skills quickly become timid, scared, lazy and overweight, which does not have a cat very happy. The best thing you can do for your cat to play with them.

The best time to play with your cat is in the morning before leaving for work. In this way, they receive the care they need before they are left alone for the day. They also use their energy and are ready to rest during the day, which also means there is less chance they will scratch your living room or furniture. When you get home they are ready to play again. The play before dinner time, that way when they eat, they may settle for the evening.

Try playing with your cat for about 10-15 minutes, but it depends on your cat and how they are interested in their toys for cats. You will notice the benefits of playing with your cat over time because it has the following effects:

- It prevents boredom, depression and unhappiness
- It helps to build confidence in your cat, especially if its timid
- It keeps cats healthy by maintaining bone agile and improves circulation
- It controls the aggressive behavior that may be the result of frustration
- It is a good exercise that helps your cat maintain a healthy weight
- And finally, it strengthens your relationship with your cat.

The type of cat toys you choose for your cat will depend on what your cat likes. Different cats like different toys so it is important that you find cat toys your cat will play with, otherwise they will not be affected. Ask yourself what your cats like to hunt? Climbing mountains? Run around? Or all three? Some of the most popular toys pet for hunters are small cat toys plush-like mice and emit sounds. For cats who like to go look for cats and toys for pets that are on line or dangle. They will mostly have attachments such as feathers and require cats to jump. For cats that like to run around in cat toys that you can throw, are slippery and roll are good that the cat can touch and hold it in motion.

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