A cloudy fish tank can be a frightening situation for a new tank possessor. If your tank has been running for a while and abruptly has gone cloudy, it could be due to one or more of the following reasons.
Green Clouds
A green cloud indicates green water, which is caused by algae blooms. What happens is bacteria will convert this damage into nitrates which can build up and leave you with an algae bloom.
You can deal with an algae bloom by cleaning your tank and performing partial water changes over time. This will lower the nitrate levels. Another option that works is to add fast growing plants to your tank. They will use up nitrates thus reducing the nitrate count in your fish tank.
High phosphate levels will also assist to algae growth, as will too much light in your aquarium. Half a day is all your tank needs. If you consistently go over this, then you will end up with an algae bloom. 
White Clouds
If you have a white cloud in your fish tank, then this is usually from a bacterial bloom. A white cloud will usually take care of itself as the microbe run out of food. To do this you easily need to clean the tank. Remove decaying plant and old nutriment and waste by vacuuming the sand or gravel. You can feed a bit less than you are right now  try to reduce uneaten food. Also, make sure that you don't have too many fish for your tank size. Fish grow and many new aquarists don't consider this when making their initial purchase.
With proper maintenance of your aquarium, you will relieve the chance of having to deal with a cloudy fish tank. 

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