The discus fish is a popular aquarium fish that have been taken as pets by lovers and those who enjoy the sight of these colorful fish in fish tanks. Even if they are nice fish, proper care is always important to have them grow up healthy and happy, even if they are not in their natural habitat, so you need to learn the tricks of discus fish care and technical make them feel they are still in their habitat.

If you're one of those attracted by the beauty of this fish and you want to add them to your aquarium, here are some important tips to help you master Discus fish care.

- Understanding the behavior of discus fish. Discus young can be aggressive when it comes to eating, but as they grow older, their eating habits change. They also learn to become more graceful as they ripen. One of the basic care of discus fish trick to keep in mind is that they live in groups in their natural habitat, so you should also try to give the fish a number of companion. It is advisable to have a group of six or more discus to prevent them from entering alone in your aquarium and to prevent them from being aggressive to their own species. Discus fish are shy, so it is important to put some ornaments and plants in your aquarium to give fish a place to hide. They are also sensitive to noise, so you may not want them in the office or in places where there is noise and distraction.

- Understand their specific needs. Another thing to consider for basic care of discus fish is their need for clean water and proper nutrition. As a freshwater fish, Discus loves the water free of chemicals. Chlorinated tap water may need to be dechlorinated. You must also follow a regular schedule to change the water in their tank to keep it clean. In terms of food, you should not also their overeating. Good nutrition for your fish promotes growth and healthy development of beautiful colors and it may include Omega One, brine shrimp and other nutritious foods.

- Make sure you give them an environment as close as possible to their natural habitat. The temperature must be as hot as their natural habitat. If you're keeping them in your aquarium for display, the ideal temperature falls from 27.5 to 29 degrees Celsius. Do not put too naked in a vat, or alone with other types of fish, but also give them an aquarium big enough for them to swim freely.

- Put them in tanks healthy peers. If you choose to discus healthy in your aquarium, be sure also to choose their mates tank. Make sure that these other species of fish will not transfer diseases to your Discus, or intimidate them.

Before any attempt to discus your home, always be responsible and make sure you really know how to take care of them and you know the basics of Discus fish care. With this, you will be assured that you can have your fish with you for a longer period.

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