Discus Fish

Discus is a beautiful fish aquarium freshwater and colorful which makes it a popular choice for those fish lovers and those who like to keep an aquarium.

Indeed, with discus fish in your aquarium can be a great pastime and rewarding for as long as you know how to take care of them. Before purchasing your Discus yourself, you must be well prepared and equipped with knowledge on how to take care of them and you must have known what their specific needs - like other fish aquarium d fresh water that you intend to keep and take care of.

Discus is commonly found in the Amazon rivers. They have attracted fans because of their flat shape and color models they use to blend with their environment. The first time discus fish was presented as a fish aquarium freshwater, they used to be difficult to manage and maintain, but is now controlled by many enthusiasts as well as livestock has also been mastered, giving rise to more colorful discus fish.

Taking care of discus fish, it is important to bear in mind and be aware of their behavior. Discus are aggressive eaters when young, but they eventually change behavior when they ripen. Apart from slowing their eating fish Discus adults learn to move gracefully in the water at least surprised.

Discus Fish

If they also occur in smaller groups or during the formation of pairs, the Discus can be aggressive to their own species and can cause death. It is therefore important to consider how many Discus you put in the aquarium. Remember that the fish lives Discuss in large groups in their natural habitat. Having six or more of them may avoid this problem. Do not keep it below four fish to avoid intimidation of others and possibly prevent death. This type of fish are sensitive, especially at a loud noise and distraction, then you must also consider the location of your fish tank for them to live a peaceful life. If you put your aquarium Discus in a place of many people, you can move. You may also want to bring in some ornaments for them to hide in the aquarium.

Another important thing you have to take notes in taking care of discus fish and other aquarium fish freshwater is to recreate as much as possible their natural environment. Since the discus more commonly from the warm waters of the Amazon, the temperature of your aquarium should be indicted. Their water should be free of chlorine and other chemicals that may be present in tap water. Although tap water in many regions of the United States are suitable for Discus fish, there are others who must dechlorinate their water before putting in the tank.

Caring for Discus fish and other aquarium fish fresh water can be simple if you only have the knowledge, so make sure you know what to do before you decide to have your fish at home.