You can get larger out of keeping tropical pet fish in your domestic than you may understand. True, you can't take your fish on the road with you or cozy up to them on the couch, but tropical pet fish do have individual personalities and very distinctive character traits that are shown in the ways they act around other fish. If keeping tropical pet fish is a new absorption for you, or even if you already have an aquarium at your abode, here are some tips to keep your pets affable and well.
It's effectual you do not upset the fish in your tank by accompanying too many fish. We aren't continuously able to have a huge aquarium in our homes and owning a smaller tank means the number of fish and the varieties of fish you choose must be limited in order to fit the tank. If the aquarium is overcrowded with too many tropical pet fish they won't have the room they need to swim freely and they may have problems with other fish due to the crowded conditions. They may feel territorial and nip or even attack some of the other fish. You should make sure to gain some knowledge about different species of tropical pet fish because some varieties are aggressive while some are very peaceful. Aggressive fish will often fight with one another, and they will pick on and nip at the more peaceful fish, who may get seriously injured. Most fish can live quite peacefully with other fish, but there are a few that will bully the other fish so you should be careful of them, just as you would be careful with some breeds of dogs. It is important that you do not over-clean your aquarium, however cleaning your tank on a regular basis is a must, just like feeding your tropical pet fish the proper amount and not over-feeding them is the best way to keep them at their happiest and healthiest. It may be the most common error made by tropical pet fish owners to give them too much nutriment and not clean their habitat often enough however, when cleaning the tank chemicals and vigorous scrubbing methods should never be used.
By doing a bit of analysis and following the above recommendations, you're sure to be the confident owner of tropical pet fish that live happy and energetic lives!

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David said... @ 5/20/2014

Overstocking has never been a problem for me as i always end up with bigger tanks. At this moment i have a Juwel 300 and a 100 litre tank ;-)

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