The Norwegian Forest Cat is an ancient breed of cat, having changed little from it's origins in Norway.
The NFO can be traced back to the 1500s, but it's history is much longer than this. There are many references to large cats in Norse mythology, with descriptions that can only describe the NFO.
Some believe that they were white, but this is likely to be a confusion caused by early Norse translations referring to 'large grey cats, covered in frost', this translating to white cats as the myths were passed from mouth to mouth.
By the 20th century, this magnificent cat was becoming a rarity and at risk of becoming extinct.
Size - large
Head Shape - Triangular, where all sides are equally long; with good height when seen in profile; forehead slightly rounded; long, straight profile without break in line (no stop)
Chin - firm
Ear Shape - Large, with good width at the base; pointed tips; with lynx-like tufts and long hair out of the ears
Ear Placement - High and open, so that the outer lines of the ears follow the line of the head down to the chin
Eye Shape - Large and oval, well opened, set slightly oblique
Eye Expression - Alert expression
Eye Colour - All colours permitted, regardless of coat colour
Body Structure - Long, strongly built; solid bone structure
Legs - Strong, high on legs, hind legs higher than the front legs
Paws - Large, round, in proportion to the legs
Norwegian forest cats love to explore, if you have any bookcases or shelves they will be up on top of them seeing if anything is going on that they should know about! They also love to play not just as kittens but as adults as well, they will look to their human companions for games and love it when you chase them about.
Norwegian Forest Cats do not require as much grooming as other long haired breeds, their coats are pretty much self maintaining, they do require a little extra grooming when moulting out their winter coat.
They don't have any particular health problems and often live to a good age.

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